Find Letter X


Find Letter X, the new triple CD quartet recording by Brooklyn based composer and drummer Kate Gentile. Featuring Jermey Viner, Matt Mitchell and Kim Cass.



Find Letter X, the eponymous release from the Brooklyn-based band led by drummer/composer Kate Gentile featuring saxophonist Jeremy Viner, pianist Matt Mitchell, and bassist Kim Cass. Gentile’s 2021 release Snark Horse – co-led with Mitchell – was a gargantuan six-volume set that Downbeat called “Monumental… Creating an abstract galaxy from scratch, they sound like they know every black hole and supercluster in the place.”

The similarly-ambitious new work – across three densely-packed volumes housed in a custom-designed package – bursts with inventive details and dramatic arcs. Each disc contains a distinct thematic identity while simultaneously contributing to a larger narrative trajectory. Meticulously-constructed and highly intentional, Find Letter X is a wide-ranging exploration of diverse sonics and contrasting forms: a vibrant feedback loop of virtuosic improvisational and compositional ingenuity entirely unified by Gentile’s singular musical aesthetic.

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