Rave reviews in Popmatters for Dan Weiss and Marc Ribot

Two great reviews in Popmatters for Dan Weiss “Fourteen” and Marc Ribot Trio “Live at the Village Vanguard.” Will Layman says “Maybe it’s best just to hear Fourteen as a kind of pure abstraction — a number, you might say. A number with passion. A number with fire.” About the Ribot, he says: “And that’s as good a summary as I can find of all of this music: really emotional. Some is raucous and some is tender, but it’s all about what’s real and feeling. The scramble of “Sun Ship” feels as right as “Old Man River”, and it is certainly just as clearly a product of the great jazz tradition, which simply asks the musicians to play in the moment against both the elastic rhythm and released feeling that rhythm makes possible. Mark Ribot works in the hot, driving current of that tradition on Live at the Village Vanguard, which means that the recording easily earns its historically notable title.”

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