Christina Wheeler

A native of Los Angeles, California, vocalist, multi-instrumental electronic musician, composer, and multimedia artist Christina Wheeler’s musical explorations have included forays in techno, house, 2-step, drum and bass, breakbeat, soul, dance hall, dub, ambient, free jazz and improvisational forms. In her live solo electronic performances, she blends an organic, fluid amalgam of improvised electronic music from a variety of sound sources, which include: processed vocals and vocal loops, hand-triggered sampler playing, processed four-octave electric mbira, processed electric autoharp, processed Q-Chord and theremin, software instruments, and live effects processing. Previous band projects include Wiremouth, Floating People, and BlowOut, and current and recent projects include solo song-cycle series, solo instrumental improvisational compositions, The Magical Garden, an ensemble-based multi-media performance/ generative installation project, and collaborations with Laraaji, Vernon Reid, Hprizm/Priest, Greg Tate, and Satch Hoyt.