Liz Kosack

She/they are improvising musicians working together to cross over boundaries of media, gender, genre, culture, and species: using hybrids to spawn a single vision. 

The Liz formed in 2014 as an experimental constellation for the KIM collective series, and went on to produce ”Book of Birds,” a multimedia showpiece which explores the search for identity and purpose through a collage of myths and texts, sewn together with strange visuals and raw improvisation, presented at Moers Festival, Urban Acoustic Tribes, KIM- FEST 2016, and others. Their latest work, “Dipper,” premiered at All Ears Festival in 2019. As an improvising trio of exceptional unity, they have been invited to perform at Ausland, Sowieso, and Spektrum. They are all Berliners, in that they are trans- plants, enjoying the cross fertilization of the city.