The praise is streaming in for Henry Threadgill Zooid’s This Brings Us To, Volume 1. It’s awfully gratifying to see so much renewed attention being paid to “one of the most important living composers in and around the jazz idiom,” as Nate Chinen said of Threadgill in The New York Times. If you’ve been like us, waiting with bated breath for a new release from Henry, your time has come. Along with the release, there has been a flood of great feature articles and interviews that reveal much about the person behind so much of the finest, most original music of the last 40 years. We can all take inspiration from a man who has consistently refused to rest on his laurels, who’s not afraid to break down what he already knows, to keep studying and learning, and to create music that is truly new and challenging. If you are a fan of Threadgill’s, or if you are just interested in the thoughts of a great musical genius, you owe it to yourself to read or listen to each of these:

Fine feature article by Nate Chinen in The New York Times:
Master of the Mutable, in an Idiom All His Own

If that’s not enough, here is a more thorough analysis by Chinen in his excellent blog of Threadgill’s musical system for Zooid with help from Henry and the band’s guitarist Liberty Ellman: Regarding Henry

You need to pick up the November issue of The Wire for a great article by Hank Shteamer on Henry. But if that only served to whet your appetite, you owe it to yourself to read this full and unedited transcript of the interview.

A leisurely chat with Henry by Josh Jackson for WBGO’s The Checkout.

Howard Mandel’s honest and heartfelt reflection on how he approaches Henry’s new music: Henry Threadgill refuses to supply sweet, simple tunes


posted on November 10, 2009 by Yulun


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