Latest Press & Upcoming Performances

Jen Shyu and Liberty Ellman continue to receive great reviews and recognition for their latest releases!

Shyu’s “Sounds and Cries of the World” was featured on NPR’s Fresh Air, with a review by Kevin Whitehead: “…Shyu’s music is intensely personal. Nothing sounds quite like it. …blurring lines between folk song and art song, the traditional and the avant-garde, Western and Eastern, between waking consciousness and dream logic.”

Listen to/read the full review Here

Ellman’s “Radiate” was recently featured on Dusted Magazine: “Ellman straddles the center shifting from angular rhythmic accents to craggy, saw-toothed leads, the variable amplification and effects that envelope his strings often proving just a pertinent to what he plays.”

Read the full review Here

Steve Coleman and Five Elements are currently in Philadelphia for a two week residency, performing new music, curating workshops, open rehearsals and outreach programs for the community. For more info, updates and ticket purchases, click Here

Coleman also has an upcoming residency at the Village Vanguard, November 10-15. Following Coleman at the Vanguard is the Tyshawn Sorey Trio, performing November 17-22. We are proud to be working with all of these unique artists and are looking forward to two great weeks of music in November!