Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis, a major composer of the late 20th century, stretches beyond jazz into modern classical music although he has recorded quite a few rewarding jazz sessions. He studied classical music as a child and in 1975 graduated from Yale. A member of the New Dalta Ahkri during 1974-1977 (which was led by Leo Smith), Davis moved to New York in 1977, played with Oliver Lake, Anthony Braxton, Chico Freeman, George Lewis, and Leroy Jenkins’ trio (1977-1979) and worked often with James Newton and Abdul Wadud. Davis formed an octet (Episteme) in 1981 that played both improvised and wholly composed music. Anthony Davis composed the opera X (based on the life of Malcolm X) in the early ’80s and he taught at Yale. Davis has recorded for India Navigation, Red, Sackville, and Gramavision.
Scott Yanow, All Music Guide