Rudresh Mahanthappa

Track List

Looking Out, Looking In
Vandanaa Trayee
Palka Market
You Talk Too Much

“In this stark, dynamic trio of alto sax, guitar and tabla, Mahanthappa’s horn does heavy lifting, fusing the raga-sitar aspirations of late-period Coltrane and the vocal flight of Karnatic hymns. Guitarist Rez Abbasi and hand drummer Dan Weiss chase the holy with their own joyful purpose, darting under and through Mahanthappa’s graceful impatience like daredevil pilots showing him the long, wild way to nirvana.”
–David Fricke, Rolling Stone

“What distinguishes this group is its intimate scale, along with the equilateral bond of its members. Well before their closer, a fast-chattering tune called You Talk Too Much, the musicians had illustrated the sturdy elasticity of their alliance.”
— Nate Chinen, New York Times

Apti, the groundbreaking debut album of Indian-American alto saxophonist Rudresh Mahanthappas Indo-Pak Coalition, clearly blazes new trails into the future of jazz in the 21st Century. Synthesizing jazz with the astutely improvised musical forms of South Asia, this trio with guitar virtuoso Rez Abbasi and tabla star Dan Weiss is turning heads internationally in both the jazz and world music scenes. While most attempts to engage jazz and South Asian music often feel incoherent, with musicians from neither side able to comfortably bridge the musical divide, the music on Apti clearly transcends any previous notion of Indo-Jazz fusion. In melding Indian concepts of melody and rhythm with his inventive style as a jazz composer and improviser, Mahanthappa has masterfully provided a compositional context that has brought out spectacular interplay within the ensemble. Apti is a major achievement in cross-cultural musical creativity and a landmark contribution to modern music that bears no precedent.